Mike Porter and the family business.

Jumpsource is owned by Michael Porter, the former owner and CEO of Porter International. After 25 years of successfully outsourcing from Asia, Porter decided to start a new company called Jumpsource. Porter’s vision was to help US manufacturers from all industries accelerate savings opportunities by manufacturing parts and components in Asia for a lower price. This same business model of low-cost, high-quality manufacturing is used to make parts for the bedding industry today. Currently, Jumpsource supplies more than 6,500 custom and critical parts for all major brands in the bedding industry.

Currently supplying over 6,500 custom & critical parts for all major bedding industry brands

Jumpsource landed some large manufacturing contracts with several Fortune 500 companies, and soon became a large organization with multiple sales divisions and manufacturing facilities that supported them. Porter/Jumpsource eventually returned to the bedding industry after developing its own brand of bedding parts called “Original Quality” (OQ) that are guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality standards of the OEM parts. As the manufacturer of the OQ brand, Jumpsource is able to make an offering that is not just high quality, but also at the lowest possible price.


Jumpsource has a variety of product manuals available to our customers for reference. Feel free to downloads any of our manuals below.

Tape Edge Machine - Model 300UX-5

Illustrated Parts List Manual

PFAFF 5625

Jumpsource New PFAFF Head Manual



"Since 2009, Jumpsource has been a key supplier for us in developing our own line of replacement parts for Pfaff. We rely heavily on their industry knowledge, manufacturing capabilities and high-quality parts."

Eric Livesay, Director of Purchasing
Pfaff USA